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1. The use of "drug analysis" in the investigative committees, in the bodies of inquiry, in judicial practice for obtaining evidence from a suspect in a deranged state is "the serum of truth."
The term "Narco analysis" was coined by Condley. It was first used in 1922, when Robert House of Texas used a scopolamine preparation for two prisoners.
Drug analysis (Narco test or Narco test) refers to the practice of introducing barbiturates or certain other chemicals, most commonly sodium pentatol, to reduce the inhibition of the subject in the hope that the subject will be more free to share information and feelings.
There is a rather large number of legal documents confirming the illegality of the use of drug analysis by the police or judicial authorities, considering it a violation of human rights. For the same reason, the evidence obtained as a result of the psychoanalysis conducted should not be taken into account by the court when making a decision.
2. If you trace the historical roots of "drug analysis", you can establish that they go to the so-called hypnotizing hypnosis. In earlier times, a patient whose condition was defined as severe was injected into the hypnotic sleep with a therapeutic purpose, after giving the patient a certain dose of sleeping pills. During the Second World War, many psychiatrists returned to this method. With the help of hypnotic sleep, backed up with sleeping pills, they began to treat many neuroses, because they had neither sufficient time for thorough psychological treatment, nor well-trained medical personnel. The method used drugs, especially barbiturates, as a way to reduce resistance. Medications, however, tend to make patients very sleepy and not used in modern practice. #медфильм