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Maintaining a normal childbirth, USA, 1935 © Прием нормальных родов, США, 1935


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Shows how a typical labour should be managed, including abdominal and vaginal examination, the second stage of labour, the patient prepared for delivery, the control of the foetal head, examination of the umbilical cord, use of the mucus cather, ligation of the cord, expulsion of the placenta and an examination for vaginal and perineal lacerations.
0:00 Вступление
0:06 (a) Fundal palpation (b) Lateral palpation (c) Pelvic palpation of the
0:19 Vaginal Examination
0:35 Second Stage of Labour
1:39 tions. Foetal head beginning to distend the vulva. Stretch- ing of the perineal floor
2:27 Patient placed in the left lateral position in preparation for delivery
2:46 Both hands control the foetal head during strong expulsive contractions of the uterus
3:59 Head is delivered in interval of contractions in order to avoid laceration of perineum
4:40 Mucus cleared from the mouth with a gauze swab
4:55 Child's closed eyelids swabbed with cotton wool soaked in boracic lotion
5:13 Examination to ascertain whether the umbilical cord
5:48 Infant lying on warmed wrapper to the right side of the mother
6:03 Use of mucus catheter to complete clearance of air
6:28 Ligation of umbilical cord
6:43 Third Stage of Labour Separation and expulsion of the placenta after an interval of twenty minutes